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  • Simply “Mad” or “Mentally ill”? (Episode 3)

    Simply “Mad” or “Mentally ill”? (Episode 3)

    The frequency and (or) duration of behavior can help in the determination of the extent to which a behavior is abnormal. Some symptoms of mental illness do not occur all the time. Individuals who have such disorders actually have periods of normalcy. Episodes of abnormal behavior can actually have known triggers. These triggers could be […]

  • Simply “Mad” or “Mentally ill”? (Episode 2)

    Simply “Mad” or “Mentally ill”? (Episode 2)

    In the field of mental health, diagnosis of mental illness is always made following guidelines. These guidelines were never made arbitrarily but through a painstaking process of research and evidence across diverse populations. There are some clinically significant forms of behavior that are peculiar to specific cultures. Such culture-bound syndromes in mental health are also […]

  • Mad or Mentally ill?

    Mad or Mentally ill?

    The word “MAD” is a descriptive term for aberrant or strikingly deviant behavior. Such behavior might be positively or negatively distinguishable from other expected behaviors within the context of reference. Exhibiting a “Mad” or “Crazy” behavior isn’t necessarily due to mental illness. It is possible for an individual to be mentally ill but not exhibiting […]

  • Sleep


     Typically, having a bad day is believed to be related to the “sleep experience” of the previous night. Many of us are probably familiar with the expression “…woke up from the wrong side of the bed”. The last thing we wish ourselves daily is “goodnight” while every day begins with a chat about how the […]

  • Anger (The Final Episode )

    Anger (The Final Episode )

    When the emotion of anger is allowed to control our actions, the risk of untoward outcomes is quite high. The rationality of an individual’s behavior when angry cannot be guaranteed.  Lots of people have carried out acts that are more damaging than the actions that provoked their reactions. Many have hurt their spouses or fatally […]

  • Anger (Episode 2)

    Anger (Episode 2)

    Being angry is not always unusual or abnormal. The emotion of anger is a normal response to untoward objects or situations. It is ideal for us to consider that the emotion of anger is not usually the problem, but the behavior in response to the anger we feel could be wrong or unjustifiable.

  • Anger


    An emotion that is quite common, with potentials for untoward outcomes is anger. From a normal perspective, anger has to be directed towards an object or situation. While it is not uncommon to have persons who are basically angry without a reason, angry persons might be experiencing a psychological disturbance.

  • A better “You”

    A better “You”

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! Indeed, it’s a relief for us to cross over into a new year, walking away from the troubles, trials, and tribulations of the old. We journeyed through the ups and downs, the lockups and lockdowns; the strikes and the hikes in prices of goods and services. […]

  • A call to “Bring back sanity”

    A call to “Bring back sanity”

    As we systematically strive to prevent our nation from slipping into a cesspit of chaos and anarchy, we need to begin to reflect candidly on how we got here. As I look back at the sequence of events that led to the current quicksand we are in as a nation, I can’t but blame every […]

  • The Breasts and the Brain

    The Breasts and the Brain

    Across the ages, breasts have remained very relevant to the provision of comfort for humans. For the newborn human, this paired organ serves as the source of nutrition and vitality. We know that the first milk produced soon after the delivery of the baby is naturally constituted to nurture the neonate with much-needed antibodies that […]