Dear mentally conscious reader,

I welcome you to the year 2022.

Less than 24 hours ago, most of us bade farewell to 2021. Personally, my subjective experience of 2021, was that of a year that seemed shorter than previous years. Indeed, I made remarkable progress in my personal and family life. It all started with my having insight into my deficiencies, and seizing the opportunities God brought my way.

Our website was compromised by hackers! Many thanks to Dr. Sanyaolu Ameye, who helped us to solve the problem. That’s why we can start this new year with an insightful post.

As a mental health professional, I always have to engage my clients on their level of insight with regard to their illness. While lack of insight into the nature and prognosis of the illness by a client does not stop me from providing feasible treatment options, my experience and research have shown that a fully insightful patient will be able to stick to the treatment option they accept.

It is not uncommon for me to have to engage clients who are unwilling to accept that they have a problem, talk less of accepting that they are mentally ill. I have learnt not to challenge them during the process of building a therapeutic relationship. I simply give them information. Specifically, I relate the information about the obvious odd reality based on what I have been told, and how their not seeing the obvious distress being expressed by their significant others who deemed it fit to bring them to a “hospital” is an obvious problem!

I recently engaged a young man who came to see me in the company of his parents. He was indeed an unwilling client. After the parents had related their untoward experience with the young man, he simply denied everything, and said they were all lies, and that “there was no issue”. However, he had no true version of his odd behavior. I went ahead to give him all the information he needed. I explained to him that I never said there was an issue, but there were problems. I told him that the greatest problem was the fact that he has no insight into the fact that his parents’ bringing him to a hospital was not a problem on its own. I informed him that the good thing was that the problem could be solved if he decides to entertain the viewpoints expressed by his family and my suggestions regarding treatment. After more “matter of factly” interactions, the young man began to apologize to his parents and agreed to be treated.

His tale is similar to the experience of individuals, states, and even nations! If you don’t have insight into your personal problem, you might never be able to solve the problem. If the government of a state or nation has no insight into the problems of its citizenry, they are destined to fail. A client needs to have insight into his or her own mental or physical health challenges to be able to accept and follow through on whatever treatment plan the physician has for him or her. On the other hand, the physician needs to be insightful about the diagnosis and the values of the intervention plan for the client.

I believe strongly that the greatest problem of developing nations and their states is a lack of insight into the true nature of their socioeconomic maladies and the true impact of the failure of the leadership to address these issues. Indeed, the failure to address these challenges will continue to have negative impacts on future generations. In the same light, the followership continues to tolerate the misadventures of these leaders, due to their lack of insight into how their actions and inactions have contributed to the perpetuation of wrong leadership. The blind has continued to lead the blind, and the “wise” keep hoping that they will all get home safely!

Therefore, as you start this year 2022, I pray that God will grant you the grace to have full insight into the nature of the challenges that will come your way and the resources to resolve these challenges.

Remain safe and sane, and help others do the same in 2022.

2 thought on “An Insight-filled New Year!”
  1. Beautifully written sir. Insight is a key instrument to positive changes . Thank you for the enlightenment. Happy New year to you sir

  2. Great post! The power of insight! It works particularly well in a mix of open- mindedness, humility and strong willingness to change.

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