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This is the official website of PRODUCTIVE LIFE EXPERIENCE ADVANCEMENT CENTER (PLEACenter) a nongovernmental, not for profit, organization based in Nigeria.

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We are a team of mental health professionals who are willing to provide you that FREE, AUTHENTIC, AND FACTUAL INFORMATION about mental health.
We believe that giving valid information to people about mental health issues will forestall the negative outcomes of mental illness as a result of misconceptions, misinformation, misunderstandings, misrepresentations, and all the other “misses” associated with mental disorders!!

There are lots of research findings telling us loads and loads of stuff about mental health and well-being.
Scientists, public health experts, mental health professionals have large volumes of publications that you might never come across!!
Our goal is to ensure that you stay informed about these mental health facts and ensure that you have enough information to share with others.
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NB: No aspect of human life is not directly or indirectly related to mental health.
  • From the moment of the first cry in the labor room to the last gasp on the deathbed; an individual’s existence is defined by relationships.
  • The unwilling neonate; guided out of the comfort zone of his mother’s womb is ushered into the hands of the birth attendant who ensures that the baby cries out. The cry of the baby’s protest is drowned in the midst of the sounds of joy and ecstasy at the announcement of the arrival of the baby.
  • All these have mental health implications!!!
  • With us, you will be better informed about these mental health issues and general well-being.


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