A better “You”

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

Indeed, it’s a relief for us to cross over into a new year, walking away from the troubles, trials, and tribulations of the old.

We journeyed through the ups and downs, the lockups and lockdowns; the strikes and the hikes in prices of goods and services. Let us congratulate ourselves for still being here.

We started 2020 with the travails of a spreading virus and the potential doom it could bring upon the human race, particularly the developing nations of the world. But we are grateful for starting the New Year, (2021) with the hope of an effective means of living with the virus while we return to our usual activities of daily living and human relationships.

Whether you are one of the skeptics, or you belong to the class of humans who cope with the stresses of life by entertaining the esoteric or mystical ideologies that form the basis of conspiracy theories, you can’t but agree with the fact that we are hopeful. The skeptics are of the opinion that indeed there is a contagion, but you don’t need a vaccine when the infection can be managed with evolving protocols and available health products. The conspiracy theorists are of the opinion that the origin of the virus is either diabolical or tainted with malicious intentions. Irrespective of our personal convictions, we will all agree that there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. We have a better understanding of what we are dealing with. Although, we may not agree on the conclusion of the matter (for now).

A better “You”

To get much more out of the opportunities and challenges in 2021, you need to focus on being a better version of yourself. You deserve an upgrade of your mental faculty and wellbeing. Developers of apps and software for our mobile devices or computers are always upgrading their designs. Some apps will even compel you to update or be denied access or the privilege of enjoying their services. These apps or software don’t just shut down or transform into something else. Likewise, you need to focus on becoming a better version of who you are. You can be a better person professionally (in your career) and in your relationships (family, friends, and social interactions). You can be nicer, friendlier, more caring, and more loving. You can take a decision to make someone, somewhere happier or more thankful by your actions. Indeed it’s much easier to become a better you than to transform into someone else.

As you begin this year, I wish you a happy new year and greater prospects in the quest for a better version of who you used to be!

Stay safe and sane; help others do the same this year!



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Ola Ibigbami


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