Productive “Lockdown” Experience

Coping with this COVID-19 related lockdown is a reality all of us have to face. While some can simulate a workspace within the limited confines of their home, others can’t do that because of the nature of their job.

For instance, I can understand how feasible it is for a company secretary or a computer analyst to work from home.  However, how does an “Uber” cab driver work from home? It’s indeed a situation of “different strokes for different folks”.

Being mentally healthy includes the ability to be able to “work productively”. Anyone who isn’t able to work productively during this lockdown is at risk of psychological or other mental health-related disturbances.

Asides the fact that the seemingly unabated progress of the pandemic breeds a lot of worrying thoughts, anxiety, sleeplessness and depression, individual concerns about loss of income and having to sit at home with members of your family and spend endless time (which some might have lost touch with) can be heartbreaking as well.

This conversation is relevant to mainly those of us who have a steady job, earning our pay-cheque periodically while spending regular time out of our home daily or otherwise to earn a livelihood.

It is important to first accept your current status.

The earlier you come to terms with “remaining at home to remain safe and sane”, the better for you. You also have to accept the fact that we don’t yet know when this will come to an end. The earlier you rearrange your daily routine and schedule the better.

Having routines and regular schedules helps reduce our anxiety and alleviates worrying.

Most of us are used to specific times for our day-to-day activities. Any slight change in our routine can be emotionally destabilizing. One easy way to achieve results and keep us focused on positive outcomes is to be organized.

For the period of this compulsory stay-at-home, the way forward is to simply re-define your goals and the positive outcomes you intend to achieve during this break from your usual routine.

You can look at the goals in terms of “Personal”, “Family”, “Professional or Occupational” and “Social/other relationship” goals. You can define positive outcomes you want to achieve, itemize the specific action points and plan a new daily routine that will capture your action points towards achieving your newly set goals. Some of these goals can still be relevant to your previous routine but feasible within the context of your current limitations.

  • Don’t indulge in habits that you will routinely not do because you know it has negative effects on your health. Avoid the temptation of eating uncontrollably, watching too much TV or movies, sleeping excessively and scavenging for fake news on the internet.

  • Ensure that you regulate your eating time and diet options, drink lots of water and engage in physical activities as much as is possible.

  • Bring out the board games! Chess, Checkers, Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, Scrabble, etc. If you don’t have, then make one for yourself!! You can make these games and play them with your kids. It will also help you to study the temperaments of your kids and bond more with them.

  • Stimulate your brain!! Read a book, learn a musical instrument or a useful indoor skill.

  • Do something to make someone smile or hopeful about the future. 

Feel free to share with me how you have been maintaining your mental health and wellbeing during this period.

I will like to share it with our wonderful readers.

You can remain productive during this lockdown!!



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Ola Ibigbami


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  1. Thank you sir for sharing with us these coping strategies within these lockdown period which might pose a threat to ones physical and mental health if not well utilized. The few strategies that I have adopted within this period includes:1)Having a regular routine 2) Conversing with my neighbour while maintaining some social distance 3) Physical exercise. I am sure by the time I add some of these strategies your explained above it will go a long way in curtailing the boredom within this period.

  2. Thanks for this. I have board games but my children simply prefer watching videos online! I will try to re-introduce to them. Presently, I spend a lot of time reading the Holy Bible and whatsapp messages. I had started reading the Bible before COVID-19 since it is my goal to read through before year runs out

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